Ahlstrom's Advertising Captivates Judges at Index '05 Awards

Ahlstrom, the global leader in fiber-based material, was recognized for its advertising campaign in the "Marketing achievement for the most original marketing campaign for a product made from, or incorporating nonwovens" category at Index '05, the world's largest nonwovens event in Geneva, Switzerland. The award was presented by EDANA (European Disposable and Nonwovens Association).
At the awards ceremony, held on April 12 in Geneva, Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA, stated that this year's award attracted more entries than ever before.  The award was accepted on behalf of Ahlstrom by Jukka Moisio, President and CEO.
As part of an effort to increase its profile and awareness as a major player in the nonwovens and fiber-based materials industry, Ahlstrom launched a series of seven ads to show the breadth of possibilities for nonwoven products.
According to judges, Ahlstrom's campaign won the award for the unity of its tagline, its positive educational impact on the nonwovens industry, and its ability to increase the company's profile, along with that of its nonwoven product range. "The ads were designed to inform people of the unseen uses of nonwovens by injecting humor through both the images and copy," explains Vice President, Communications & Marketing, Alistair Brown.  
For example, an ad for Ahlstrom's filter material used to stop odors shows a pig, with the caption, "Strong smells, Strong filters".
"Our advertising has taken a creative, bold and innovative approach which has made a high impact in a traditional industry," says Mr. Brown. "This new concept is also reflected in our "Small fibers, big difference" tagline, demonstrating our shift from a focus on product to how Ahlstrom materials make a difference to customers."  
Ahlstrom's "Small fibers, Big difference" advertising campaign was developed in coordination with McCann Erickson Business Communications, London.
Ahlstrom's ad campaign can be seen online at: http://www.ahlstrom.com/fibercomposites
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