Ahlstrom introduces new powdered activated carbon media for water filtration

Ahlstrom Corporation PRESS RELEASE 27.03.2008
Ahlstrom, a leader in high performance fiber-based materials, introduces a new nonwoven product, Disruptor(TM) PAC, for the filtration of water. The nanoalumina fiber technology used in the product is licensed exclusively from the Argonide Corporation.
This technology can economically improve the purity and taste of nearly any water stream by efficiently removing a large variety of contaminants including virus, bacteria and humic compounds.
Humic compounds are naturally occurring, ultrafine particulate organic compounds, about the size of a virus, produced by the decay of natural organic matter found in surface waters. Prior to Disruptor(TM) PAC, humic compounds were not able to be completely removed by microfiltration or ultrafiltration polymeric membranes.
Disruptor(TM) PAC contains powdered activated carbon having an average particle size of only 8 microns. The small particle size produces remarkably high dynamic adsorption as compared to conventional granular carbon or carbon blocks. With Disruptor(TM) PAC, the retention of the powdered activated carbon is accomplished through electro kinetic adsorption by the nanoalumina fibers in the product, not with binders or adhesives. This retention mechanism makes nearly all the pores of the powdered activated carbon available for adsorption of chlorine, iodine, volatile organic compounds, disinfection byproducts and natural organic material from water. 
Ahlstrom believes that the unique features of Disruptor(TM) PAC will provide filter and filtration device manufacturers with the ability to design more efficient and cost effective products to improve the quality of both drinking water and waste water. Disruptor can be used in a wide range of water filtration applications including beverage manufacture, pharmaceutical make up water, point of use and point of entry filters, boiler and chiller water as well as prefiltration to reverse osmosis membranes. Disruptor(TM) PAC is easily pleated into nearly any size of filter cartridge providing superior filtration efficiency at high flow rates and very low pressure drop.
The global scarcity of water is becoming increasingly important due to the growing need for safe drinking water. The estimated global market for water filtration is approximately EUR 2 billion and growing at more than 10% a year. 
Water filtration products are part of Ahlstrom's Filtration Business Area, which accounted for 19% of the Group's net sales in 2007. Ahlstrom's filtration materials are used in the transportation industry, air filtration and liquid filtration.
More information and a video demonstration of the power of Disruptor(TM) filter media is available at www.ahlstrom.com/disruptor
Further information:
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