Ahlstrom's Disruptor(TM) Filtration Media wins 2009 Visionary Award

Ahlstrom Corporation PRESS RELEASE 9.2.2009
Ahlstrom's Disruptor(TM) PAC - a leading edge technology for water filtration - received INDA's  Visionary Award during VISION 2009 Consumer Products Conference in New Orleans.  Attendees to the Vision 2009 Conference, held from January 26-29th, selected the winning product by voting for their favorite from a field of five nominees. The Visionary Award is presented annually to a new consumer prouduct that utilizes nonwoven fabric in its final form. 
Disruptor(TM) PAC is designed specifically for improving the quality of water through particulate filtration properties produced by both electro adsorption and mechanical filtration. Improved taste and odour qualities are provided through the addition of powdered activated carbon (PAC). By combining all three water treatment methods into one product, Disruptor(TM) PAC is the first nonwoven media capable of competing with polymeric membranes and carbon block in terms of  filtration efficiency and water quality but at significantly higher flow rates and with lower energy consumption.
By reducing particulate and biologic contamination as well as reducing offensive taste and odours in water, Disruptor(TM) PAC is rapidly being introduced in broad range of consumer products. Filters made with Disruptor(TM) PAC can be used as a whole house point-of-entry filters or in a variety of point-of-use filter applications. These include: bathroom showers to reduce the transmission of Legionella, tap, counter-top, under the sink and water pitcher filters. It can also be included in personal devices such as water bottles, canteens and backpacks.
Visionary 2009 award is the second nonwoven award for Ahlstrom Disruptor(TM) filtration technology. In April 2008, Ahlstrom's Disruptor(TM) received the EDANA award in the Nonwovens Roll Good category at the INDEX exhibition held in Switzerland. The Award recognized the unique nature of this advanced technology, which benefits nearly every segment of the water filtration industry.
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