Ahlstrom continues to support UNICEF’s educational work through Ahlström Collective Impact


Ahlstrom, as a member of Ahlström Collective Impact continues to support UNICEF's global educational program in 2024. Ahlström Collective Impact’s total investment to UNICEF in 2024 is close to EUR 800,000. Ahlström Collective Impact is a joint responsibility initiative by a group of companies and foundations, and Ahlstrom is one of the members and founding partners of the initiative.

Human rights and children's rights are social responsibility issues that are tightly connected to companies’ business activities. A key part of children’s rights is their right to education. In a rapidly changing world, the digital divide remains a significant barrier for many children and young people. Nearly three-quarters of 15-24-year-olds in the lowest-income countries lack the necessary skills for the workforce, and about two-thirds of school-aged children worldwide do not have internet access at home.

In 2024, UNICEF's educational efforts aim to bridge this divide by bringing digital learning to millions of children and young people. This includes training teachers in digital pedagogy and extending these solutions to refugee centers, homes, and schools, even in emergency situations.

By bringing together different companies and foundations, Ahlström Collective Impact can increase the influence of individual organizations. As one of the biggest investors, Ahlstrom has had a key role from the beginning in developing Ahlström Collective Impact.

“Ahlström Collective Impact is a very dear and unique collaboration to us. The core of our company purpose and values is to take care of the people we work with, the communities we work in, and the world we live in. Through our collaboration with AhIström Collective Impact we can amplify our impact. We want to build a better world for future generations, and children’s education is an important investment for tomorrow,” says Mary Puddepha, Chief People Officer of Ahlstrom.

The collaboration extends beyond financial support. A key element of the collaboration is the training organized by UNICEF Finland for members of the Ahlström Collective Impact network, emphasizing the importance of children's rights in business operations and corporate responsibility. Earlier this year, companies within the Ahlström Collective Impact network also participated in a study by UNICEF Finland on the implementation of children's rights in Finnish listed companies. Based on the study's findings, the companies have started to develop their responsibility work further.

"We are grateful to Ahlström Collective Impact for its long-term commitment to partnering with us and supporting our educational work. Education is every child's right. It is also a key part of building a sustainable and stable future and strengthening the resilience of societies," says Johanna Talvela, Director, Corporate Collaboration, UNICEF Finland.

Launched in 2020, Ahlström Collective Impact consists of Ahlstrom, A. Ahlström, Ahlström Invest, Avain Yhtiöt, Destia, Detection Technology, Eva Ahlström Foundation, Glaston, M&J Recycling, Suominen and Walter Ahlström Foundation. Ahlström Collective Impact invests in children's well-being through selected UNICEF projects aligned with the UN's sustainable development goals. Investing in education contributes directly to the sustainable development goal that promotes quality education (SDG 4). SDG 4 aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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Katja Ollila, Vice President, Group Marketing and Communications, +358 44 517 0891, katja.ollila@ahlstrom.com

Ahlstrom in brief

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Ahlström Collective Impact in brief

The Ahlström Collective Impact collaboration model began in 2020, uniting companies and foundations in the Ahlström network to invest in children's well-being through selected UNICEF projects aligned with the UN's sustainable development goals. Members include A. Ahlström, Ahlström Invest, Ahlstrom, Avain Yhtiöt, Destia, Detection Technology, Eva Ahlström Foundation, Glaston, M&J Recycling, Suominen, and Walter Ahlström Foundation.