5 critical moments when the paper backing's BACK impacts the coated abrasive performance

07 Dec, 2021

Rediscover the back of your abrasive paper backing



Why don't you give your coated abrasives the edge by exploring 5 critical moments known for the issues they can create in your process or during end use?


1️⃣ Festoon slippage issues

💥 During drying, you see that the paper slips on the festoons. Difficult in that case to keep up the pace of the process and achieve homogeneous drying.

🔬You'll learn to :

-> identify an efficient antislip back from another

-> discover FG, a tried-and-tested Festoon Grip solution

🍒 [bonus] : introduction of the INCLINED PLANE, an original antislip measurement method for evaluating antislip superpower



2️⃣ Rewetting

💥Rewetting is a key step for ensuring a quality product: the problem is that not all papers react the same way.

🔬You'll learn to :

--> Understand how different paper types impact rewetting

--> Identify solutions that facilitate rewetting

🍒 [bonus] : a super practical method where you do the tests and manipulations live



3️⃣ Velcro-PSA lamination

💥 Laminating Velcro or a PSA is a complex affair: the result depends as much on the nature of the substrate as on the adhesive and the quality of the Velcro and PSA.

🔬You'll learn to :

--> Evaluate the adhesion performance between a paper and Velcro or PSA

🍒 [bonus] : a step-by-step tutorial that will enable you to evaluate your formulations



4️⃣ Marketing & Sales touch

💥The back side of the paper must be a communication surface to get messages across to end users.

🔬You'll learn to :

--> Get the best rendering possible on the visible part of the paper: NO to runny prints! YES to a sexy product!

🍒 [bonus] : solutions-to-go to improve the look of your products, help to position them in the premium range and boost your sales



5️⃣ Slippage during sanding

💥Providing an antislip solution for sanding in a dry or wet environment is essential for good sanding ergonomics.

🔬You'll learn to :

-->Identify an effective antislip back from another back

--> Discover AS and ZS, tried-and-tested antislip solutions

🍒 [bonus] : an adaptation of the INCLINED PLANE method to simulate sanding conditions



Meet our abrasive experts

Francis Poirot, Technical Director @ Ahsltrom

Abrasive backing expert & 20-years experienced paper specialist focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

Thierry Mayade, Abrasive R&D Manager @ Ahlstrom

30-years experienced paper engineer, PhD graduate in process engineering from the National Polytechnical Institute in Grenoble. 22 years expertise in abrasive backings development, in their chemical formulation and physical properties.

Estelle Seibert, Marketing Manager @ Ahlstrom

Committed and passionate B-to-B 👩 💼 Marketing Specialist with fifteen years of experience in the paper industry and in the abrasive business



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