Key things to understand about the FRONT of abrasive paper to ensure top performance

01 Feb, 2022

Rediscover the FRONT of your abrasive paper backing



Why don't you give your coated abrasives the edge by exploring key things to understand about the FRONT of abrasive paper to ensure top performance



In this webinar you will understand why resin sometimes stays on the surface or, conversely, why it sometimes penetrates the paper all the way through.

We will explain how we characterize a barrier for abrasive paper backings.

We will also introduce some methods and tests, going into the research centre and onto the machine floor so that you can evaluate the formulations yourself and see what combination will give your abrasives the best performance to avoid resin penetration or shrinkage and, Grit shedding, Brittleness. .


Abrasive papier barrier characterisation

💥 This is a notion that is not always easy to grasp, but such an important one when it comes to evaluating the barrier properties of papers.

🔬You'll learn :

-> the basics of barrier performance and the difference between porosity and permeability

-> Why Cobb measurement is complementary to permeability

-> How to simulate maker pressure when evaluating barrier performance

🍒 [bonus] : 3D images to take you on a journey through a sheet of paper, explanatory tutorials filmed inside the test lab


Issue 1 # Resin penetration

💥Small dots that show through on the back of the paper?

🔬You'll learn to :

--> Understand how to better adapt the barrier on the Front of the paper to the type of resin

--> Discover solutions used in paper making, in particular the penetration test

🍒 [bonus] : a simple live test


Issue 2 # Resin shrinkage

💥 The resin does not spread evenly and forms lumps?

🔬You'll understand :

--> the notions of surface energy and surfactants to optimise your formulas

🍒 [bonus] : A lab test that can help you to optimize the resin/paper combination


Issue 3 # Resin Adhesion

💥Your grits come loose and paper/resin/grit adhesion is not optimum.

🔬You'll learn to :

--> Test methods for dry and wet conditions to support your formula optimization

🍒 [bonus] : video tutorials from the research center






Meet our abrasive experts

Camille Barbier, Technical Customer Support Engineer @ Ahlstrom

Engineer specialized in bio-based materials. Focus today on abrasive backing to support customer needs.

Thierry Mayade, Abrasive R&D Manager @ Ahlstrom

30-years experienced paper engineer, PhD graduate in process engineering from the National Polytechnical Institute in Grenoble. 22 years expertise in abrasive backings development, in their chemical formulation and physical properties.

Estelle Seibert, Marketing Manager @ Ahlstrom

Committed and passionate B-to-B 👩 💼 Marketing Specialist with fifteen years of experience in the paper industry and in the abrasive business



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