Decoding sustainability of abrasive paper backings


available from 15 Mar, 2023
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Let’s see how we go concretely about sustainability for abrasive paper backings!



In this coffee talk our expert in Circular Economy and LCA, Natasha,  will make paper claims more comprehensive and help to understand how those can apply to  abrasive papers more specifically. What does sustainable abrasive paper backings mean? How can it support the abrasives sector and improve the overall sustainability performance of the supply-chain?





*Abrasives and their packaging are also subject to legislation that requires to be "sustainable" or "recyclable", etc. We can usefully share some of the knowledge we have on these notions applied to paper.





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By attending the Ask ME Anything sessions (AMA), you will receive a "Green Claim" guide dedicated to abrasive paper backings + a checklist to help you check your claim is valid.


Don't hesitate to come and discover our Green Guide Book and how Arches treat the sustainability.





Natasha Chorlton, Manager, Circular Economy and Recyclability

“Sustainability allows us to unlock the full potential of fiber-based products”

With a degree in environmental science I started my career in ecology and then fiber-based packaging. Working for a recycler as a Packaging and Recycling Business Consultant assessing the recyclability of packaging allowed me to deepen my understanding of packaging design for recycling and how to test recyclability in real industrial settings.  

My mission today is to make Ahlstrom part of the transition to a circular economy working on e.g. recycled content, reducing and preventing waste, improving and testing the end of life of our products, circular design and public affairs.




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