Upgrade quality and go more sustainable with the new latex saturated paper generation, 2-SAVE

DediCOATED 3.0

21 May, 2021

Latex-saturated papers can now combine sustainability with productivity thanks to the 2-SAVE adding, not forgetting improved final product performance.

A new wet strength technology that can increase waterproofing on the back and opens the door to the testing of a new generation of binders requiring lower temperature curing for an equivalent degree of waterproofing.

#wetstrengthresistance | #lessenergy | #morequality | #sustainable




These lecture will focus on: 

  • ready-to-use raw-materials and new solutions to impact positively LCA of the finished abrasives
  • how suppliers take actions to minimize footprints CO2 emissions and go more sustainable




Camille Barbier

Technical Customer Support Engineer @ Ahlstrom

Francis Poirot

Technical Director @ Ahlstrom

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