Application of Ahlstrom specimen collection card for longevity assessment

On demand from 19 Jun, 2024
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About the webinar

Measuring and improving your biomarkers is an important step in taking control of your health and well-being. Biomarkers can indicate the presence of diseases or the risk of developing certain conditions before symptoms appear, can provide personalized data about your body's unique physiological state, and can even provide insights into your mental health status or help manage a disease.

Moreover, certain biomarkers are closely associated with aging and longevity. You can potentially extend your healthy lifespan by improving these biomarkers through healthy lifestyle choices. Testing and monitoring amino acids, vitamins, key mineral levels, and NAD⁺ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is crucial for promoting longevity and maintaining overall health and wellness.

During this webinar, Ahlstrom and Biostarks will provide insight into their co-developed solution for optimizing healthy aging by monitoring NAD⁺ levels based on precise and accurate lab results.

Meet the speakers

Frédéric Bébien, Product Development & TCS Manager, Ahlstrom

Frédéric Bébien holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering – Formulation Chemistry from the University of Lyon, France. He joined Ahlstrom in 2006 as R&D Scientist, working on surface treatment chemistries and technologies. He has focused on developing untreated and pre-treated fiber-based materials for Lateral Flow Immuno Assay applications since 2014. He has been appointed Product Development and TCS Manager for Ahlstrom Lab & Life Science Business in 2022.

Marcello Anzola PhD, R&D Lab Manager, Biostarks

Marcello Anzola holds at PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Geneva, where he worked on detection of DNA using photochemical reactions. He then transitioned to the food industry, focusing on spoilage and plant pests. In 2023, he joined Biostarks as R&D Lab Manager, where he is developing innovative methods for the detection of biomarkers from dried blood samples.

Application of Ahlstrom specimen collection card for longevity assessment

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