Dried blood spot technology for Health and Wellness

On demand from 08 Jun, 2023
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About the webinar

Biological samples collected and stored are an essential data resource with significant research potential for finding markers used in the early detection of diseases that are still curable. Today, test tubes with large volumes of blood or plasma are kept in energy-consuming freezers.

The use of Dried Blood Spot (DBS) offers a novel approach to biosamples storage and collection and provides enormous advantages over liquid blood or plasma in both preclinical and clinical studies. DBS is in fact a simple, convenient, cost-effective alternative for collecting biological samples and storing them at ambient temperature over time. It is a less invasive procedure for the patient, allows flexible self-collection, and leads to a significant reduction in costs and energy consumption.

It also represents an ideal resource for extensive population studies of patients in areas that lack appropriate infrastructure for processing blood and a cold chain for the transportation and storage of blood products.

Watch our new webinar co-hosted with Generic Assays to learn more about the potential of DBS for Health and Wellness applications.

Meet the speakers

Marie-Laure Boen, PD&TCS Engineer, Ahlstrom

Marie-Laure Boen holds a Master’s Degree in Health Biology and Microbiology from Paris-Sud University. She joined Ahlstrom in 2002. As Product Development and TCS Engineer for the Lab & Life Science business, she is now in charge of developing innovative products in the field of Life Sciences and Diagnostics.

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Marc Dangers, Director of Diagnostic Lab, GA Generic Assays GmbH

Marc Dangers started his career in in-vitro diagnostics after completing a PhD and postdoctoral studies in molecular biology at Medical University in Hannover, Germany. His R&D focus in the last 16 years revolved around low sample volume solutions for Immunoassays. In the area of point-of-care diagnostics, he holds three patents for an innovative multiplex device available in the market since 2013. In his last two positions, he focussed on send-in testing of capillary blood samples and has validated a number of parameters, which are now available in GA’s lab.

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Dried blood spot technology for Health and Wellness

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