How to design lateral flow assays for performance and manufacturability

On demand from 10 Jul, 2024
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About the webinar

Rapid diagnostic tests play a critical role in improving delivery and outcomes for various applications including healthcare, food safety, agricultural, environmental, and veterinary medical, particularly in settings with limited resources or where portability is required. They provide quick results, often within minutes to a few hours, which is crucial for timely diagnosis and treatment, they can be performed at the point of care, such as in clinics, doctor's offices, in the field, and even at home, without the need for specialized laboratory equipment or highly trained personnel. Additionally, they are generally less expensive than traditional laboratory tests, reducing the overall cost of the procedure.

Numerous factors must be considered when designing a lateral flow assay to ensure performance and manufacturability.

During this webinar, Ahlstrom and Ethos Biosciences will share guidance on selecting the most appropriate materials to develop lateral flow assays to meet your requirements and lead to a smooth transition in manufacturing.

Meet the speakers

Frédéric Bébien, Product Development & TCS Manager, Ahlstrom

Frédéric Bébien holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering – Formulation Chemistry from the University of Lyon, France. He joined Ahlstrom in 2006 as R&D Scientist, working on surface treatment chemistries and technologies. He has focused on developing untreated and pre-treated fiber-based materials for Lateral Flow Immuno Assay applications since 2014. He has been appointed Product Development and TCS Manager for Ahlstrom Lab & Life Science Business in 2022.

Ryan West, PhD, Project Manager for Development Ethos Biosciences

Ryan West holds a PhD in Physical and Analytical Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He joined Ethos Biosciences in 2023 as Project Manager, Development, to which he brings his experience in immunoassay development, bioconjugation, nanoparticle functionalization, and polymers. Presently he is focused on LFA and ELISA product design, optimization, scale-up, and manufacturing.

How to design lateral flow assays for performance and manufacturability

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