Plasma Separation Media – How to select the best material

On demand from 17 Oct, 2023
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About the webinar

In Lateral Flow Immuno Assay (LFIA), most of gold-standard tests for disease detection are based on whole blood samples. However, the presence of cells and platelets can interfere with the elution of the sample through the test strip, leading to false negative or false positive results.

During this webinar we will discuss how the use of appropriate sample preparation techniques and sample pads selection can improve the performance of LFIA tests using whole blood samples, enabling remote and rapid diagnosis of diseases and other applications.

Meet the speakers

Frédéric Bébien, Product Development & TCS Manager, Ahlstrom

Frédéric Bébien holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering – Formulation Chemistry from the University of Lyon, France. He joined Ahlstrom in 2006 as R&D Scientist, working on surface treatment chemistries and technologies. He has focused on developing untreated and pre-treated fiber-based materials for Lateral Flow Immuno Assay applications since 2014. He has been appointed Product Development and TCS Manager for Ahlstrom Lab & Life Science Business in 2022.

Laura De Matteis, PhD, R&D Area Project Manager, Operon

Laura De Matteis is a biologist and PhD in Chemistry, with 14 years of professional experience, 9 of them dedicated to nanomaterials research at the University of Zaragoza.

In 2018 she started a new professional stage in the company OPERON S.A., where she has specialised in the immunochromatography technique.

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Plasma Separation Media – How to select the best material

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