Ahlström Collective Impact

Launched in 2020, Ahlström Collective Impact consists of Ahlstrom, A. Ahlström, Ahlström Invest, Avain Yhtiöt, Destia, Detection Technology, Eva Ahlström Foundation, Glaston, M&J Recycling, Suominen and Walter Ahlström Foundation. It is committed to creating change by investing in a better future for children in partnership with UNICEF Finland.

Initiated by the Eva Ahlström Foundation in 2020, Ahlström Collective Impact (ACI) is a new kind of cooperation model between the partnering companies and UNICEF Finland designed to result in targeted strategic investments that support the realization of selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

For Ahlstrom, this collaboration is an innovative and efficient way of influencing and achieving change through opportunities to innovate around equality and sustainability to solve some of the most pressing societal challenges.

In 2020, ACI focused on supporting the COVID-19 crisis aid to children, the hidden victims of the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has short- and long-term impacts on children's health, well-being, and development. UNICEF has tackled these challenges by supporting governments worldwide to secure primary healthcare and education for every child.

In 2021, Ahlström Collective Impact selected the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Quality education (SDG 4), Gender equality (SDG 5), and Partnerships (SDG 17) for the goals. We leveraged our long-term and global commitment with UNICEF Finland while taking Ahlstrom's strategic giving and donations program further. To support the goal of quality education, Ahlström Collective Impact has decided to direct its investment of 600,000 euros to UNICEF's Global Education Program.

Sustainability with the Ahlström Collective Impact and UNICEF Finland

In this Ahlstrom podcast (published in spring 2021), Maria Ahlström-Bondestam of the Eva Ahlström Foundation and Nina Vähäpassi from UNICEF Finland discuss the Ahlström Collective Impact (ACI) – a new initiative committed to creating change by investing in a better future for children. The podcast is the first of 5 series on sustainability by Ahlstrom.

Ahlström Collective Impact for Children of Ukraine

We stand by the children of Ukraine and therefore have brought together our network of shareholders, employees, and stakeholders within the Ahlström network to help during this time of crisis. Ahlström Collective Impact is channeling the Ahlström networks donations through Suomen UNICEF – UNICEF Finland to support health, nutrition, safe water, sanitation, and protection for children and families of Ukraine.

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World Children's Day 2021

Last year, Ahlstrom joined other Ahlström Collective Impact members to deliver World Children's Day messages to our staff and external stakeholders, and remind everyone of children's education rights and their rights in general. This endeavor encompassed several internal and external communication and events between November 15-20. Our colleagues also celebrated the day on digital channels by discussing education and their favorite school subjects. 

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World Children's Day 2020

Ahlstrom joined the World Children’s Day celebration on 20th November 2020 together with United Nations and the Ahlström Collective Impact. World Children’s Day is a day when children’s rights are celebrated internationally. Our initiative was to create awareness and dialogue among our people on how we can contribute to making the world better for children all around the world.  Ahlstrom celebrated the day by promoting the campaign globally on our digital channels and locally at plant and offices. ​ 

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