CelluStraw™ part of ongoing exhibition at Skansen in Sweden

CelluStraw™ part of ongoing exhibition at Skansen in Sweden

We are proud to support this educative exhibition, helping the transition towards a more circular economy. CelluStraw™, a fiber-based solution for paper straws, was specially designed to address the emerging initiatives to phase out single-use plastic straws.  

Our sustainable solutions

Whatever the end-use or the type of material used, single-use products should not end in any oceans and waterways. In order to better protect our planet, the use of appropriate waste streams to manage the product’s end-of-life is encouraged.

It is estimated that out of the 8 million tons of plastic that enters the world’s oceans every year, the majority originates from land-based everyday post-consumer waste leakages, such as plastic bags, cigarette lighters or plastic straws.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö is committed to contribute to a better everyday life by providing solutions that make end products more sustainable, better protect people and our planet.

A few examples of sustainable solutions are:

  • CelluStraw™ solutions enable the food industry to provide consumers an alternative to single-use plastic straws. Read more
  • The Disruptor® technology provides a more sustainable solution to the water purification market, making safe water accessible where it’s most needed. See an introduction video of the technology here.
  • NatureMold™ material for single-use baking trays and molds are compostable solutions for environmentally friendly food packaging and bake-and-serve applications. Read more
  • A range of compostable solutions for coffee filtering applications including, for instance, GreenCapsule Top Lid that offers a compostable lid for single-use coffee capsule. Read more

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