Healthy environments create well-being societies

Healthy environments create well-being societies

Noise, light, and chemical pollution are just some of the health-damaging pollutants, accumulating and increasing on our planet at an unprecedented rate. According to the WHO, over 13 million deaths occur yearly due to preventable environmental causes. When the climate crisis is also a health crisis, it’s essential to understand that keeping humans and the planet healthy is a duo task.

For decades, Ahlstrom has been the global leader in fiber-based solutions. Various innovations have quickly been designed to support and promote well-being and healthy societies.

Protecting people and processes by purifying air

Around the world, there is a growing demand for safe and healthy indoor environments, both in buildings and means of transport. The air quality in buildings is a significant public health problem and an important safety parameter when referring to production processes. Industrial workers are always at risk of being exposed to substances that make their airways more sensitive. It’s also not limited to your place of work but even when you are at home. 
Ahlstrom’s filter media for High Efficiency (HE) and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications offer an incontestable advantage. They protect people and processes from harmful pollutants in ambient air, reducing the risk of airborne contamination and increasing the comfort of life. 
Ahlstrom’s SafeCabin® filter media for automotive applications improves air quality inside vehicles Cabin air quality is an increasingly important factor in designing new generations of vehicles. By filtering particles, microorganisms, and harmful gases, cabin air filters create a healthier internal environment, protecting passengers and improving driving comfort. 
Air pollution control and dust collection filter media protect workers inside the factories and the environment outside by different methods. Some examples include collecting particles before emission into the atmosphere, preventing airborne contamination, improving process efficiency, and complying with stringent regulations. Ahlstroms Extia® is positioned for dust filtration cartridge applications, helping to protect people and the environment.

Making water safe for everyone 

Over two billion people face water shortages worldwide, which is only set to get worse as the effects of climate change set in. Moreover, access to safe drinking water remains a challenge in remote areas of the world and some industrialized countries. It is thus imperative to ensure that the water we are consuming is not a threat to our health. 
Ahlstrom seeks to bring about positive impacts with our water purification solutions. Not directly comparable to any other media on the market, our Disruptor® can remove a wide range of submicron particulates, organic acids, viruses, bacteria, cysts, cell debris, and trace pharmaceuticals from the water with very low energy consumption. Improving tap water means helping to achieve a significant positive end impact, both on our health and our living environment. 

Purifying water at home is also gaining a prominent role in the global fight against plastic waste. With its ability to remove harmful contaminants from water, Disruptor® finds ideal use in many reusable residential and personal applications. Consequently, it makes a pivotal contribution to reducing single-use plastic bottles. 

People's well-being goes hand-in-hand with a healthy environment. With innovative fiber-based solutions, Ahlstrom desires to contribute to cleaner air and water, with safe and sustainable solutions to Purify and Protect for a more sustainable world.