Breathe easy: How Ahlstrom’s industrial air filtration media protects our health and our environment

Breathe easy: How Ahlstrom’s industrial air filtration media protects our health and our environment

From factory floors to hospital wards, Ahlstrom’s industrial air filtration solutions stop the spread of harmful airborne pollutants.

Breathe in. Breathe out. On average, we do this 20,000 times a day. And most of us do so without thinking about it at all.

But the quality of the air we breathe is not a given. We spend the vast majority of our time in closed environments, where recirculated air can have two to five times the level of pollutants as outdoor air[1].

If you live in a city, there are also risks from outside pollution, such as fine particles and harmful gases emitted from industries and transport. And if you work in a factory or operate a power plant, air quality can have an even bigger impact on your health – and on the wider environment.

Industrial filter media, infinite applications

To tackle these issues, Ahlstrom has designed a range of industrial air filtration media that controls pollution across most of end-use applications, preventing harmful particles from getting into our lungs or leaking into the atmosphere.

“We offer air pollution control (APC) media for a wide range of industrial applications,” explained Cedric Vallet, Ahlstrom’s Head of Business Development & Product Manager – Filtration.

“These solutions are customized for many different types of industrial operating conditions. For example, if you work in a sawmill where wood dust needs to be removed from the air, or in a welding factory exposed to flammable  elements.”

Ahlstrom APC media combines optimal filtration performances with excellent self-cleaning properties. This not only delivers efficient particle removal – protecting people and the planet– but also extends the lifetime of the cartridge filter, meaning it's more sustainable over the long term.

Our solutions not only prevent the release of pollutants in the atmosphere but also extend the lifetime of industrial machines, such as gas turbines. Better protection means less downtime and a lower carbon footprint.

“The high level of particulate removal efficiency in our Gas Turbine Air Intake media delivers better protection of the turbine against fine dust, soot, and salts,” Cedric said. “The technology also has optimized self-cleaning properties and extended dust-holding capacity. These capabilities, along with an optimal level of pressure drop, help to maximize output and minimize energy consumption.”

Ahlstrom’s filtration media is also applicable in commercial buildings like offices and hospitals, where air quality is a major public health concern.

“Ahlstrom’s filtration media for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications reduces the presence of airborne pollutants in ambient, such as viruses and bacteria or microbiological contamination. This protects people’s health, but it also increases their day-to-day comfort, for example, by eliminating odors,” Cedric explained.

Compliance is key

While the end uses for Ahlstrom’s industrial filtration media are practically limitless, there is one thing that all industries have in common: the need to comply with local regulations. Around the world, authorities continue to tighten legal requirements around air quality and energy consumption – and this trend will only increase.

“As a global leader in filtration solutions, our wide range of technologies means we can create customized solutions for our customers based on their unique environment and ensure they adhere to the highest regulatory requirements and efficiency standards,” said Cedric.

“In short, our filter media helps to protect people, environment, and systems. It’s a broad portfolio of products, all of which are aligned around one purpose: to purify and protect, with every fiber, for a sustainable world.”

Could Ahlstrom’s air filtration media boost safety and sustainability for your industrial operations? Contact Cedric Vallet