Optimal wrapping? It just takes ONE. Reliance® SOLO simultaneous wrapping for Sterile Barrier System

Optimal wrapping? It just takes ONE. Reliance® SOLO simultaneous wrapping for Sterile Barrier System

Millions of patients worldwide are estimated to acquire Healthcare-Associated Infections each year during the process of care in a hospital or other health care facilities, resulting in billions of euros in costs and causing tens of thousands of fatalities.

The healthcare system has started to develop and implement different approaches to monitor and prevent healthcare acquired infections. This includes the Sterile Barrier System.

The Sterile Barrier System must prevent the ingress of microorganisms and allow the aseptic presentation of medical instruments needed for various procedures, such as surgeries. As one of the first lines of defense against infection, the Sterile Barrier System is a crucial component to the successful prevention of healthcare-associated infections and selecting the most appropriate technology is a challenging responsibility.

When saving time and effort is key to the process, Reliance® SOLO is the right choice.


Why choose Reliance® SOLO?

Reliance® SOLO is composed of two bonded sheets of SMS, 100% polypropylene and treated to resist static charge build-up. The key to the barrier protection of the SMS are the three meltblown layers of microscopic fibers, delivering a tortuous path for a consistent bacteriological barrier to maintain sterility.  

Reliance® SOLO is specifically developed for easy to use, simultaneous wrapping, saving time and effort during the sterilization process.

Like sequential wrapping, Reliance® SOLO creates a tortuous path, delivering aseptic opening at the point of use. The two colors allow for easy identification of damage from transport/storage and wrong handling.

  • Simplified wrapping process
  • Proven best barrier to prevent penetration of microorganisms through the bonded layers
  • High strength to avoid rips, tears or punctures
  • Third party ISEGA certification before and after sterilization, CE marked and FDA approved
  • Lotcode printed on every application

“At Ahlstrom-Munksjö one of our core capabilities is to manage end to end risk by developing a strong knowledge of the value chain needs and respond to it with an innovative solution. Reliance® Solo adds nicely to our SBS multi-substrate portfolio” says Lionel Bonte, Vice President, Medical BU.

“We are proud to propose our Reliance® Solo range of products to hospitals, a more ergonomic option for our end users, improving efficiency during the sterilization process. Reliance® Solo also plays a key role in ensuring patient safety during surgical procedures thanks to our state of the art SMS technology” says Jonathan Laloum, Product Manager SBS, Medical BU.


Reliance® SOLO is available in six different basis weights to better accommodate your wrapping needs. Discover more!



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