Ahlstrom’s PureBarrier™ technology: the next generation of functional packaging materials

Ahlstrom’s PureBarrier™ technology: the next generation of functional packaging materials

Barrier packaging is essential in the modern packaging industry. Oxygen and gas barriers preserve and protect contents from outside contaminants, which is of particular importance for edible items. 

Barrier packaging solutions are dominated by plastic and aluminum coatings, which are energy-intensive to produce and have substantial environmental impacts. A fiber-based alternative can support the shift away from non-renewable materials while ensuring safely preserved products. Ahlstrom PureBarrier™ is a material with the serious capability to replace plastic and aluminum film in oxygen barrier packaging.

PureBarrier™ application areas

The PureBarrier™ technology has already been commercialized in coffee capsule lids for espresso systems and is currently being reviewed for a wide variety of usage areas including non-food applications such as health and beauty products.

The next generation of packaging materials

PureBarrier™ is a brand-new technology platform that brings a host of possibilities to pack everyday products in a more sustainable manner.


PureBarrier™ is the frontrunner of Ahlstrom’s oxygen and gas barrier technology. The material, which is based on Genuine Vegetable Parchment, possesses wet-strength and grease resistance, without harmful chemicals. It is free from loose fibers and can be made heat sealable with a biopolymer solution.

PureBarrier™ is produced from responsibly sourced and renewable wood pulp, certified according to Forest Stewardship Council FSC® Standards. Moreover, the material is biodegradable and certified compostable with OK compost HOME and INDUSTRY (EN13432).  

Strong performance combined with sustainability characteristics makes PureBarrier™ the ultimate bio-based material to replace plastic or aluminum film in barrier packaging such as paperboard, cans, and lids. PureBarrier™ is part of the new generation of packaging materials that rise to the challenge of supplying the complex and multilateral packaging industry.