Ahlstrom expands its production capacity of siliconized genuine vegetable parchment

Ahlstrom Corporation, a leader in high performance fiber-based materials, inaugurated last February 3, 2006 its second on-line siliconizer at its Saint-Séverin plant in France. This 1 MEUR investment will increase by 6000 tons its production capacity of siliconized genuine vegetable parchment and aims at better serving the baking industry.

Baking papers are increasingly used worldwide by home cooks and professional bakers. They ensure that foods or pastry don't stick to the tray when cooked at high temperature. In order to better meet the evolving needs of this market, Ahlstrom decided to expand, by 6000 tons, its production capacity of siliconized genuine vegetable parchment used for pan liners, rolled pastry, frozen foods or baking molds.

With this second on-line siliconizer, the machine n°3 becomes the longest parchmentizing production line in the world, making the Saint Séverin site the best-equipped production facility for bakery applications. The Saint Séverin plant today operates three parchmentizers, two on-line size presses for siliconizing and one coating machine, also equipped for siliconizing.

The global leading producer of genuine vegetable parchment, Ahlstrom is developing new applications for bakery in order to answer customers' requests. Its off-line coater enables, for instance, the application of two different coatings formulation on the two sides of the paper.

Ahlstrom's siliconized genuine vegetable parchment is a cellulose based paper with natural grease barrier properties. It resists temperature up to 230°C and has excellent non-stick properties. Safe for direct food contact, it is also biodegradable. The siliconized product range consists of two main products: UNIBAKE, reusable up to three times while GRILLON, reusable up to 15 times, is the most convenient and cost-effective solution on the market.

Ahlstrom's Genuine Vegetable Parchment is produced at the Bousbecque and Saint-Séverin plants. Besides baking applications, vegetable parchment is also used for fat wrapping, graphic art, furniture laminates, textile tubes and many other industrial applications.

For additional information, please contact:
- David Degorce, General Manager, Vegetable Parchment product line, +33 (0)3 2023 4633
- Sophie Kersaudy, Communications & Marketing Manager, France, +33 (0)1 4935 4031

Ahlstrom in brief
Ahlstrom is a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of high performance fiber-based materials. Nonwovens and specialty papers, made by Ahlstrom, are used in a large variety of everyday products, e.g. in filters, wipes, flooring, labels, and tapes. The company has a strong market position in several business areas in which it operates, built upon the company's unique fiber expertise and innovative approach. Ahlstrom's 5,525 employees serve customers via sales offices and production facilities in more than 20 countries on six continents. In 2005, Ahlstrom's net sales amounted to EUR 1.55 billion. The company website is www.ahlstrom.com.