Ahlstrom announces price increases for papers produced at its French Rottersac and Stenay plants

Ahlstrom Corporation PRESS RELEASE October 29, 2008 at 16:02

Ahlstrom, a global leader in high performance fiber-based materials, today announced price increases for the Coated Specialties and Industrial Papers product lines, as a consequence of the continuous rise of raw materials in euro currency and energy costs.

Price increases concern all papers produced for Coated Specialties at the French Stenay plant (flexible packaging for food and non food products, metalizing, facestock and release liners) as well as all calendered papers produced for the Industrial Papers product line at the French Rottersac plant (office & graphic, industrial and flexible packaging for food and non-food products).

These increases will be implemented as of January 1, 2009, and their level will depend on the nature of the products, on existing contracts and invoicing currencies. The detailed actions will be discussed individually with customers through the appropriate business teams as soon as possible.

Ahlstrom's Coated Specialities and Industrial Papers product lines are part of the Technical Papers business area, a leading global supplier of specialty papers in many segments such as automotive, building, food, healthcare, furniture and other industries.

For further information, please contact

Patrick Jeambar, Senior Vice President, Technical Papers: +33 (0)4 7645 3515, patrick.jeambar@ahlstrom.com
David Darmon, Vice President & General Manager, Industrial Papers, +33 (0)1  4974 4913 david.darmon@ahlstrom.com
Thibault de Carayon, Vice President & General Manager, Coated Specialties, +33 (0)1 4974 4964 thibault.decarayon@ahlstrom.com


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Ahlstrom is a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of high performance fiber-based materials. Nonwovens and specialty papers, made by Ahlstrom, are used in a large variety of everyday products, such as filters, wipes, flooring, labels, and tapes. Based upon its unique fiber expertise and innovative approach, the company has a strong market position in several business areas in which it operates. Ahlstrom's 6,500 employees serve customers via sales offices and production facilities in more than 20 countries on six continents. In 2007, Ahlstrom's net sales amounted to EUR 1.8 billion. Ahlstrom's share is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. The company website is www.ahlstrom.com.