Ahlstrom launches Ahlstrom BioProtect™, a new, sustainable, and protective solution for Laundry Care applications


Ahlstrom is a leading global manufacturer of high performance, fiber-based materials, supplying innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers.

Ahlstrom BioProtect™ is a one source, sustainable, nonwoven solution for laundry care, incorporating patent pending technology to protect laundry from color run during the wash cycle.

Ahlstrom BioProtect™ delivers high dye-catching performance, protecting laundry from color runs. Its ability to lock up loose dyes found in the wash water enables it to prevent dye transfer and color runs, maintaining the original color of clothes.

The product is biodegradable and biobased, utilizing 100% naturally derived fibers and manufactured with wet-laid technology for premium quality.

Development of this new product is a result of cooperation with customers.

“Our high performance solution for laundry care delivers excellent dye-catching performance,“ says Pierre Mary, Vice President, Nonwovens. “Delivering protection to laundry against color run, with performance aligned with industry benchmarks,” he adds.

”Our sustainable product also reduces environmental impact being designed from renewable sources,” adds Anna Brikh, Product Manager, Consumer Nonwovens. “Ahlstrom BioProtect™ has been awarded with the highest OK biobased rating of 4 stars by the accredited certification institute TÜV Austria,” Pierre and Anna conclude.

For more information, please visit: www.ahlstrom.com/products/construction-surface-and-furniture-materials/bioprotect-sustainable-laundry-dye-catcher/   

For further information, please contact:
Pierre Mary, Vice President, Nonwovens, tel. + 33 6 87 80 01 49

Ahlstrom in brief
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