Your sustainable protective solution for Laundry Care applications

Sorting laundry can be a real chore, right? We get it. You have to spend valuable time separating your colored clothes from your whites before each wash. But what if there was a way to make it a breeze? Ahlstrom BioProtect™, the ultimate laundry dye catcher, makes sorting by color a thing of the past. Hello to mixed-color washes, saving time, money, and water!

At Ahlstrom, we're committed to our purpose: We Purify and Protect with Every Fiber for a more Sustainable World. Ahlstrom BioProtect™ is a one-source, sustainable, nonwoven solution for laundry care, incorporating patent-pending technology, to protect laundry from color run during the wash cycle. Experience laundry made easy like never before!

Unveiling the advantages of Ahlstrom BioProtect™

  • One source solution

    incorporating patent pending technology that prevents color run

  • Protects laundry

    from dye transfer when washing mixed colors together

  • Saves time, money and water

    by not having to pre-sort laundry into different colors before washing

  • Reduces environmental impact

    as product is biodegradable and biobased, utilizing 100% naturally derived fibers

Certified quality assurance

”Our sustainable product also reduces environmental impact being designed from renewable sources,” says Anna Brikh, Product Manager, Consumer Nonwovens. “Ahlstrom BioProtect™ has been awarded with the highest OK biobased rating of 4 stars by the accredited certification institute TÜV Austria.”

Why choose Ahlstrom?

Our innovation platform allows us to select lower-impact materials in sourcing, improve production processes, and empower customers to create more sustainable solutions using our products, generating benefits within and beyond Ahlstrom. 

One versatile application across industries

Ahlstrom BioProtect™ is here to assist you efficiently, catering to both household laundry requirements and the demands of large-scale operations in the hospitality industry. Whether you're looking to keep your home laundry vibrant or ensure top-quality linens for hotels and resorts, Ahlstrom BioProtect™ is your one-source sustainable solution, ready to deliver exceptional performance.


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