Abrasive Backings : strong commitments for the long term

Abrasive Backings : strong commitments for the long term


As well as complying with the standards set by SEAM, Ahlstrom is proactively committed to a process of continuous environmental, social and economic improvement. 


Discover here our four main objectives for 2020 for greater sustainability in our abrasive production center in Arches.


1. To improve water use

The Arches mill’s aim is to produce all year round without exceeding the water consumption limits set for periods of drought. A measure that is both friendly to the environment and reassuring to its abrasive customers in terms of continual availability of products!

An in-depth study will also be carried out, to analyse the types of water and the mill’s needs for each stage of the process and for the different papers. Objective: to increase the proportion of recycled water from 40% today to 60% in 2022 and to aim for 80% by 2024.


2. To upgrade the management system

To guarantee continued and constant progress, the Arches' mill has initiated to upgrade its current certifications: ISO 14001 (2015 version) and ISO 50001 (new 2018 version)


3. To reduce the consumption of compressed air

Concrete actions will be taken to raise internal the awareness of both production and maintenance staff. That should enable us to reduce the electricity consumed to produce compressed air.


4. To optimise the use of the cogeneration plant

Arches' plant is already used to produce steam, but the mill is looking into the possibility of using it to cover its hot water needs. This could replace thermal energy (gas) for certain applications (e.g. heating).


In line with its longstanding commitment to the protection of the environment and the health of its workforce, Ahlstrom has contributed with some other abrasive manufacturers and the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives (FEPA) to the set up the SEAM (Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers) label.

This label lays down the environmental, social and economic standards for European abrasives manufacturers, enabling them to highlight their commitment with consumers.