Ahlstrom wins the Employer Brand Research Institute’s 2023 DEI Employer Award in China

Ahlstrom wins the Employer Brand Research Institute’s 2023 DEI Employer Award in China

Ahlstrom was granted the 2023 DEI Employer®️ Award by the Employer Brand Research Institute (EBI), a global institution for employer branding research, on December 11, 2023. This award is the first time established for applications from China, aiming to recognize outstanding achievements in the DEI field and support companies to improve the brand image of employers and build DEI’s core competitiveness and influence. The awards ceremony took place on December 18, 2023, in Kunming Yunnan (China).  

The award application process started in July with three stages: declaration, scoring and award determination. The 2023 DEI Employer®️ Awards received over a five-month period with 506 entries from both domestic firms and foreign companies operating in China. A comprehensive evaluation process was conducted across 10 categories, 21 dimensions and 104 indicators in companies’ DEI practices. Finally, 61 companies were selected to become the winner of the first DEI Employer®️ Award, including Ahlstrom China among other international renowned brands.  

“Being acknowledged by EBI and receiving this award for our DEI journey is a great achievement,” says Joyce Chen, Ahlstrom’s Head of HR Operations Asia. “In the context of China's heightened emphasis on sustainable enterprise development, DEI has become integral to Ahlstrom’s ESG strategy. The country's regulatory landscape has guided DEI development within organizations. A strong DEI approach addresses crucial business pain points, including cost, marketing, flexibility, and employer brand building, while resolving personnel management challenges and elevating workforce capabilities,” Joyce continued.   

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are a vital part of Ahlstrom’s culture, and are driven by the company’s values. Our DEI vision is to be an employer of choice, and an engaging and safe place to work, with diverse teams. In 2023, we have added DEI training and workshops to our internal leadership development programs and expanded our work by launching DEI resource groups for different diversity dimensions to ensure multilevel progress. One of the leadership development programs during 2023 is NICE, our mentoring program for female leaders focusing on equipping them to navigate their own leadership journeys. Ahlstrom's gender equality targets for 2025 is to achieve 40% of women in top leadership positions and more than 20% of women in the whole workforce. 

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