Our improved media for water purification: when efficiency and sustainability come together

Ahlstrom-Munksjö presented a new addition to the Disruptor® product family at the 2019 Water Quality Association Convention & Exposition. The new grades for water purification offer improved performance, while their final applications contribute to safeguarding the environment, bringing an alternative to the use of plastic.

Very recently, the Advanced Liquid Technologies team attended the 2019 Water Quality Association (WQA) Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each year this is a one-stop event that connects technologies and know-how in the water purification industry, making WQA a key happening for the BU.

Both days of the show were extremely busy with our colleagues. Other than various meetings with customers and key players in the industry, the team presented the latest extension to the Disruptor® product range called Disruptor® FastFlow. These new grades represent a real stand-alone technology for the higher-end water purification market: they provide over twice the initial flow, with the same great ability to remove a wide range of harmful contaminants (submicron particulates, organic acids, virus, bacteria, cysts, cell debris and trace pharmaceuticals) from water. Disruptor® FastFlow makes water safe to consume, now even more efficiently.

Thanks to its features, Disruptor® FastFlow finds ideal use in residential applications such as pitchers, countertop devices, as well as reusable water bottles.

Providing an alternative to single-use plastics

“New challenges require new solutions. Our innovative Disruptor® technology, with its different fields of application, provides a more sustainable solution to the water purification market, making safe water accessible where it’s most needed. Purifying water at the point of use with a reusable water bottle including our Disruptor® filter media is just an example of the contribution we bring for reducing the daily consumption of single-use plastic water bottles” says Laia Guarro, VP Advanced Liquid Technologies.

Purifying water at home is gaining a very prominent role in the global fight against plastic waste, especially when it comes to finding an alternative solution to single-use plastic bottles. A million of them are bought around the world every minute and because of plastic waste mismanagement and illegal dumping, they are creating a serious threat to the environment.

No one can deny how shockingly impressive the images of the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” are: 1.6 million square kilometers (twice the size of Texas and three times the size of France) of floating plastic located halfway between Hawaii and California. As the world is coming together to find a solution to this spreading issue, us, at Ahlstrom-Munksjö are strengthening our position in favor of the environment developing innovative technologies with a sustainable angle - Disruptor® being one.