Expanded Extia® portfolio for Industrial Air Filtration

Expanded Extia® portfolio for Industrial Air Filtration

We are excited to introduce new Extia® expanded range of products. 

Since the introduction of Extia® 1000 in November 2018, we are excited to introduce the new expanded range of products:

  • A complete Extia® mid-efficiency range – includes flame retardant, surface conductive and food approved versions, tailor-made to meet the safety requirements of specific industrial Air Pollution Control applications
  • Extia® high-efficiency range – reaching efficiency levels up to EN1822 H13, specifically designed for applications with very fine particles and critical dusts

Created by Ahlstrom-Munksjö specifically for Industrial Filtration markets, Extia® is a 100% synthetic, highly durable, pulse cleanable filter media that offers extended filtration lifetime, whilst effectively removing coarse particulates at a lower level of pressure drop.

Key Benefits of Extia®:

  • Extended filtration lifetime – helping to extend the operational duration before needing to change the filters
  • Effectively removes particulates and dust over total filter time, at lower level of pressure drop – delivering better reduction of industrial emissions and energy savings
  • Easier to convert into a filter – delivering faster knife pleating, plus offering suitability for rotary pleating
  • A comprehensive product portfolio – including a complete mid efficiency range where additional safety features are required and a high efficiency range, reaching efficiency level up to EN1822 H13
  • Supply chain efficiency optimized – with complete portfolio directly available from one reputable supplier

Information about Extia® technology and range: 

Extia® Brochure

Extia® 1000 sell sheet

Extia® Mid Efficiency range sell sheet

Extia® High Efficiency range sell sheet


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Award winning filter media product

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Extia® wins New Product Award:  The American Filtration & Separations Society (AFS) awarded Extia® with the New Product Award in their Annual Awards Luncheon at FiltCon 2019.

It is specifically designed for Industrial Filtration markets.  Extia® is a 100% synthetic, highly durable, pulse cleanable filter media, designed to last longer in all operating conditions.


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