Servera® - the Optimal Solution for Fast Food Packaging

Servera® - the Optimal Solution for Fast Food Packaging

Ahlstrom's Servera® paper provides the best packaging solution for the quick service restaurant market. Engineered to meet the highest performance goals, Servera® papers are grease and water resistant while also maintaining heat and utilizing char and flame resistance technology.  Ahlstrom’s Servera® papers are designed to provide excellent grease resistance without the use of fluorochemicals (PFAS). From snack bags and sandwich wrappers to clamshells, Ahlstrom’s FluoroFree® technology is addressing the needs of the fast-food restaurant industry, while designed with performance, sustainability, and next generation in mind.

“Innovation is at our core,” commented Guillaume Lavoué, Product Manager for Ahlstrom’s Food Packaging business. “We work with our customers to develop innovative solutions by pushing the limits of fiber usage. We have expertise in papermaking technology, fiber finishing, surface treatment and converting technologies.”

In addition to multiple basis weights, Servera® papers are also available with Ahlstrom’s trulyNatural® fibers, an unbleached natural base paper that requires less energy and fewer chemicals to convert while maintaining a high level of performance integrity. ParaFree® technology is a wax replacement paper with excellent water repellency and resistance to many oils and fragrances. In addition to being printable on both sides, its higher brightness and opacity increase the visibility of your brand image and message compared to traditional substrates. These papers are available with bleached fibers or Ahlstrom's trulyNatural® fibers and are paraffin-free using renewable technology.

“Servera® papers have excellent grease resistance without the use of PFAS, which also makes them suitable for compostability,” Lavoué continued. “Truly, Servera® is designed with food safety in mind and these direct-food-contact papers carry an array of food safety certifications.”

Certifications include:

  • The BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard BRC Food Safety(BRC)
  • FDA
  • BfR
  • Kosher


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