Ahlstrom to invest EUR 23 million in new nonwovens capacity in Brazil and France

Ahlstrom Corporation STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 27.10.2006 at 11.00
Ahlstrom, a global leader in high performance fiber-based materials, today announced it will invest approximately EUR 17 million in a new wiping fabrics production line in Louveira, Brazil. Further, Ahlstrom will make an investment of approximately EUR 6 million in new industrial nonwoven production capacity at its plant in Brignoud, France. Both investments support Ahlstrom's global growth strategy.
The new wiping fabrics production line in Brazil will utilize spunlace technology and its main customers operate within the household and industrial wipes sectors in Latin America. The market for wiping fabrics in Latin America is anticipated to grow 10-20% annually. The investment consists of a building and machinery, and the line is estimated to be operational in early 2008. Ahlstrom currently operates a filtration plant in Louveira.
The new industrial nonwovens production line in France utilizing needlepunch technology expands and diversifies the company's industrial nonwovens product offering. It is primarily targeted to serve Ahlstrom's existing customers within the building, graphics, automotive, wipes and niche hygiene sectors. Global markets for needlepunch products are estimated to grow 7% annually. The investment consists of machinery to be installed in an existing plant in Brignoud and the line is estimated to be operational in late 2007.
"The new wiping fabrics line in Brazil makes Ahlstrom the first dedicated wiping fabrics producer in Brazil. It increases Ahlstrom's presence in Latin America and introduces new innovative products to the fast growing wipes markets in the area. The investment in France opens up new market opportunities", says Claudio Ermondi, Senior Vice President, Nonwovens.
"Organic investments in fast growing product segments are high on our growth agenda. Located in or close to our existing production plants, they enable us to benefit from operating leverage", comments Jukka Moisio, President and CEO of Ahlstrom Corporation.
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Jukka Moisio, President and CEO, Ahlstrom Corporation, tel. +358 10 888 4700
Claudio Ermondi, Senior Vice President, Nonwovens, tel. +39 011 9260 232
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