Sustainable flexible pet food packaging paper


Functional and attractive pet food packaging inside and out


Our current range includes


Alipack™ inner liners provide outstanding grease resistance and are available in white or unbleached trulyNatural® fibers


Gervalux™ outer liner have crack-fold resistance for impeccable bags from first opening until the last pellet, excellent printability for outstanding shelf appeal and are also grease resistant


Our new developments include

AM_Grease Gard FF_OL_RGB.png

Grease-Gard® FluoroFree® inner liners provide outstanding grease resistance and are available in white or unbleached trulyNatural® fibers- can also be used as an outer liner for a matte finish


Gervalux™ FluoroFree® for outer liner have the same outstanding properties as Gervalux™ without the use of PFAS/ In development

These products offer a perfect surface for extrusion to optimize converting.


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Learn more about Grease-Gard® FluoroFree®


Our Grease-Gard® FluoroFree® inner liners are:

  • Made without the use of fluorochemicals (PFAS)
  • Meets FDA BfR requirements for direct-food contact
  • Eco-friendly, natural ingredients
  • Available in Bleached and trulyNatural® unbleached
  • Glue-able, coat-able and print receptive
  • Ideal for Laminations
  • Recyclable, repulpable and compostable, 100% plastic free
  • Excellent holdout to pet food both flat and folded.
  • Excellent wicking resistance
  • Basis weight range of 22.5# to 40#
  • Typically used as Inner liner but can also be used on other layers of the bag




Sustainability attributes


PawPrint™ boasts many sustainability attributes:

  • Made from wood-based natural cellulose fibers 
  • Available with Chain-of-Custody certifications Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC®), SFI®,PEFC™
  • Renewable, recyclable
  • Safe, food contact ability (BfR XXXVI, FDA 176.170)
  • Grease-Gard® inner liner available in TrulyNatural® unbleached fiber
  • FluoroFree® versions available




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