Confectionary and baked goods papers

Confectionary and baked goods papers

Designed to handle a wide range of printing types, from flexographic to rotogravure
Paper smoothness from rough machine finished (MF) through machine glazed (MG) to SCK
Wet strength and water resistance for high-moisture applications
Wide range of grease-resistant properties, including greaseproof options
Confectionary and baked goods papers
High-performance twisting, wrapping and folding papers specially developed for sustainable sweet, chocolate and snack packaging and baked goods bags

Delicitera® Confectionary Papers

With its impactful shelf presence and renewable properties, our Delicitera® Confectionary Papers drive food packaging differentiation in today’s marketplace.

We can help you create a customized solution combining an array of visual, functional and sustainable benefits to set your snack food packaging apart.


Rocalonde Twisting Papers

  • Perfect for laminating and waxing to enhance the appearance of confectionary sweets
  • Minimized wax consumption with no compromise on performance
  • Excellent printability and high gloss to enrich every color of high quality graphics
  • Excellent elongation in cross direction and high tear strength for trouble-free runs on high-speed twist packaging machines
  • Great opacity even after waxing - colored sweets will not shine through the attractive wrapping and compromise the brand message

Cristal Transparent Papers

  • Perfect for printing, waxing, or lamination
  • Natural wrapping - no converting needed
  • Intensified gloss
  • Available in colors or completely transparent
  • An alternative to plastic and film

Gerstar Glossy Packaging Papers

  • For high performance and eye-catching packaging, Gerstar™ glossy packaging helps
    your packages capture consumer attention.
  • Excellent printability
  • High mechanical properties for trouble-free converting processes during printing,
    lamination, and on Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) lines
  • Excellent heat-seal resistance of coating

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This product and more participate in transitioning packaging ƒrom Plastic to Purpose.

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