A bicolour collection inspired by butterflies for NEW coated abrasive opportunities

A bicolour collection inspired by butterflies  for NEW coated abrasive opportunities

Following on from the first World of Colours collection, which introduced heavyweight papers to the world of colour, Ahlstrom continues to open up the field of customisation solutions even wider  and makes them even more accessible.


Our target with this offer is to meet the promising demand for colours and :

  • Increase you business success by making them even more accessible (volume, price)
  • Offer more marketing combination possibilities
  • Create the possibility to keep your original backing colour -so as not to disorient what can sometimes be a conservative end market – while solving through technical issues such as blotching


The Butterfly Collection is inspired by biomimicry

This discipline consists of studying nature to imitate its processes and designs. Nature is constantly adapting and has, of necessity, developed a wealth of imaginative features that can provide us with ideas for abrasive imaginative solutions.

This applies particularly to butterflies : Although decorative, their colours are mainly there to fulfil specific functions.

And just the same way, our Ultra-Coatings will create bi-couleur features to help you spread your wings



Some butterflies can go unseen in broad daylight thanks to their colors...

Use this technique to mask any blotching effect and make a technical difference!





In nature certain splashes of colour serve to frighten predators, by taking them by surprise

Use this technique to generate a surprise and implement the best conductivity available on the market!






Some Colour also allows butterflies of the same species to recognise other

Stamp your brand identity with mass-dyed and coating combinations!





How to give your abrasive papers a 100% specific colour ?

  1. Take a Pantone chart
  2. Choose a colour for the paper
  3. Select a shade for your ultra coating
  4. And let’s discuss about the technical combinations!
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