An artist to express the potential of fiber and explore abrasive backings

An artist to express the potential of fiber and explore abrasive backings


When constraint inspires creativity


Fibers have infinite potential as our slogan "Imagine Fiber" seeks to convey


All our abrasive backings are made from wood cellulose, a clever mix of short and long fibers coming from various tree species.

Our latest developments have demonstrated how they can result in innovative solutions for the world of tomorrow.


Fibers are a sustainable alternative

Paper is an ecological alternative compared to backings made from fossil fuels such as films (plastics) or polyester cloth (which requires more chemical treatment), and even cotton cloth (which has the distinction of being the most polluting fiber in the world and depleting water reserves).  

Working locally with an artist who uses hand-made plant-based paper to convey through her artwork this commitment to the environment and to our society is a choice that is completely consistent with the sustainable journey our company is undertaking. 



Lola Greenwich, a fiber artist connected to nature

Lola is a French artist who transforms plants into fiber before putting it to glorious use in artistic projects. Feeling a strong connection to nature, she uses the materials that she finds there to create her artworks.

By subtly transforming them into plant-based paper and combining them with our abrasive backings, she opens our eyes to the infinite potential of fibre as a source of technical differentiation as well as to all the opportunities it offers in our industry's search for alternatives to backings made of fossil-based materials.


"I go out walking, I collect plants, I experiment, I try things out…

I use the nature around me to convey emotions, I give free rein to my imagination, (re)create moments from the past, moments glimpsed, stolen from passing time.

I transform plants into fibre to make plant-based paper.

The fibre, transformed, modelled, assembled, rewoven, magnified, is there for all to see in subtle, dreamlike creations."

Lola Greenwich



Flax, jacinth, pearls and embroidery to magnify abrasive backings


Imagine a project with abrasive backings… A creative challenge the artist achieved brilliantly with the following materials :

  • The card and the delta are made with  bicolor paper from our Butterfly Collection (outside: ultra coating brick Flight, inside:  ash).

  • On the outside, a paper in the Sunset shade from the World of Colour Collection highlights the holes in the abrasive delta sheet.

  • The base of the disc is made with TEX-STYLE™, our sustainable composite alternative to the polyester fabric offering.