How to unpack the roll?

How to unpack the roll?

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Step One:  remove the sides and the core plugs

We are using a cutter knife to remove the sides. The corner is a bit tough to be removed because we are protecting well the corner against potential shocks.

Then we use a steel bar to remove the wood plug in the middle safely. Be aware that removing the core plugs must be done at the very last moment.

Never move a roll with clam shells without plugs inside the core, you will crushed the core.



Another way to remove the core plug : use  a long steel barto push the plug from the opposite side.



Step Two :  remove the kraft layer on the circumferences

We are using a specific tool called a "duck mouth" or a roll slitter.

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Step Three :  Plastic removing

With a knife, be careful not to cut too deep so as not to damage the first layer of paper.

This foil must be removed just before using the roll. This way your shoud be able to use our paper from the very first meters.