Surgical Face Mask Material

Surgical Face Mask Material

Highly breathable, comfortable and soft
Remarkable filtration performance
Hypoallergenic, non-skin irritant
Compliant with global standards
Surgical Face Mask Material
Coverstock, filtration media and mask lace material for surgical mask applications, protecting patients, healthcare and frontline workers worldwide

A surgical face mask has the primary objective of protecting the healthcare worker and patient against contamination and projections of potentially contagious biological fluids. Since face masks can be worn for long periods of time, the nonwoven fabric used to construct the face mask should be soft and gentle on the skin.

Pleated surgical face masks are typically produced with three layers of nonwoven materials: an inner comfort layer, a middle filtration layer and an outer protection layer. Ahlstrom offers a complete range of surgical face mask material used to construct the finished face mask.

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