Transmission filtration

Transmission filtration

Extreme durability – high chemical / thermal resistance and superior media integrity
Superior dust holding capacity – gradient depth filtration solutions increasing service intervals
Enhanced processability and State-of-the-art lamination capabilities
Transmission filtration
Delivering the cleanest oil to the drive train

The cleanliness of the oil is an increasingly important factor in the performance, reliability and lifetime of the modern automatic transmission systems and the new propulsion solutions for electric vehicles.

Ahlstrom provides a complete range of high efficiency media for Pressure transmission and Suction transmission filters.   


Pressure transmission filters ensure the highest level of protection of the drive train against wear. The dual offering meets OEM specifications and guarantees a minimum of 99.5% efficiency on 30μm particles. 

  • Premium dual-layer glass microfiber media with optional lamination of protective scrims.
  • Proprietary Trinitex® 3-layer media with excellent intrinsic mechanical resistance.



Suction transmission filters meet OEM specifications and ensure both high flow and optimal protection of the drive train.

  • Conventional needle felt media saturated with a thermoset resin for flat designs.
  • New generation of full synthetic wet-laid media for flat and pleated designs, delivering excellent durability and improved filtration performances.