Lateral flow plasma separation pads

Lateral flow plasma separation pads

Consistent and rapid lateral separation of whole blood
Available in different thicknesses to accommodate range of whole blood sample volumes
Faster blood absorption in HV and HV Plus yields higher volumes of plasma
Customized sheet, rolls and specialty die cut sizes
Lateral flow plasma separation pads
CytoSep® single layer plasma separation media consisting of high purity natural and synthetic fibers for whole blood diagnosis

Ahlstrom CytoSep® is widely used for rapid separation of plasma from whole blood samples in lateral flow applications, retaining blood cells while allowing serum to flow rapidly.

There are three established grades which differ in thickness: CytoSep® 1660, CytoSep® 1662, CytoSep® 1663. These grades are able to load from low to high volumes of blood.

The newest CytoSep® products, 1667 HV and 1668 HV Plus, are designed to separate increased volumes of whole blood within the same area of media while limiting hemolysis. This new generation of CytoSep® was developed as a thin material like 1660, thus allowing higher plasma area recovered and requiring less chasing buffer. This grade is preferable when you want to achieve better sensitivity.

CytoSep® HV Plus 1668 combines both chemical and mechanical filtration processes for higher performance and increased options for product development. The chemicals help to deform shape of red blood cells and so limit their diffusion while the specific pore size blocks the residual mobile red blood cells.