Fibrous meat casing

Fibrous meat casing

Fibrous meat casing
Ahlstrom is the world’s leading supplier of fibrous meat casing to the meat casing industry.

Made from natural and renewable long cellulosic fibers, mainly Abaca, and impregnated with viscose to bond the fibers together, our fibrous casing paper is a plant-based alternative to animal-derived collagen options.

Key Benefits:

  • The composition of our fibrous casing paper, made from Abaca, performs for the highest quality applications
  • Viscose impregnation is used to bond the fibers together, leading to a unique and outstanding offering on the market place 
  • Fibrous casing paper is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product as it uses plant based renewable natural resources, instead of animal-derived collagen or oil-based plastics 
  • The product design enables excellent smoke permeability, consistent mechanical strength and tube diameter control for smoked and air-dried meat products.


With decades of experience in the manufacturing of fiber-based materials, Ahlstrom has been innovating continuously to be at the forefront of advanced solutions for meat packaging 

  • K- paper : Wetlaid Technology, Classic viscose bonded paper, Annual plant long fibers, Compostability certification pending
  • Ultracor™: Wetlaid Technology, Viscose bonded and includes PET fiber / Designed for better dimensional stability, Annual plant long fibers, Compostability certification pending
  • KM- paper: Wetlaid Technology, Viscose bonded and higher levels of wet strength resin, Annual plant long fibers, Compostability certification pending

Our materials offer consistent and efficient processing to manufacturers of meat casing, who can then assure full reliability to producers of a complex variety of processed meat products.