Civil face mask materials

Civil face mask materials

Civil face masks to protect people in the street, shops and on public transport
Higher protection compared to use of textile
Our solutions include filtration layers, face mask laces and coverstock material
Compatible with key sealing processes: Excellent material bonding with ultrasonic bonding and sewing
Civil face mask materials
Protective, reliable and competitive media for civil masks

We offer a complete range of technologies suitable for the manufacture of civil face masks.

Our fabrics are developed to meet high levels of protection, providing filtration performance and reliability. The materials are soft and non-skin irritant, combining improved comfort while protecting the user against projections of saliva. 


Ahlstrom's product portfolio for civil face masks types includes different technologies to fully accommodate our customers’ manufacturing requirements:   

  • Reliance® SMS 200 and Reliance® SMS 300 are 100% polypropylene-based. The fabric is strong and durable, with low lint and excellent bacterial barrier
  • Reliance® Dextex 200 and Reliance® Dextex 300 wetlaid nonwovens are softer and stronger cellulose-based materials, providing excellent bacterial barrier
  • Extia® Protect is Ahlstrom’s latest comprehensive portfolio, capable of protecting patients and people worldwide.
    • High-performance filter media compliant with international standards
    • Wetlaid nonwoven products for comfortable and safe inner and outer coverstock layers and well as for lace materials
    • The high performance filter media complies with international standards, including French Standard AFNOR S76-001 Category 1 level.
  • TenderGuard™ BioBased is highly breathable, biocompatible, and non-irritating, so it's gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear for long durations. Mainly comprised of polylactic acid, which is a biopolymer made from sustainable and renewable sources, TenderGuard™ BioBased is an alternative to synthetic spunbond material.  

  • TenderGuard™ BioFilter is a sustainable filter media that can be used as a single layer or combined as a double layer for higher filtration performance in a barrier face covering. The filter media 100% bio-based.

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