Ahlstrom FortiCell® LAB

Ahlstrom FortiCell® LAB

Specifically designed for Lead Acid Batteries
Portfolio includes 3 solutions: AGM media, Separator reinforcement tissue and Pasting materials
All products deliver superior manufacturing efficiency
Ahlstrom FortiCell® LAB
A Lead Acid Battery is an essential element for your car to start, for a forklift to efficiently pick up goods without losing time for recharging and for a data-center to always be functioning efficiently.

Ahlstrom FortiCell® LAB is a new fiber based solution, specifically designed for Lead Acid Batteries.  

Portfolio includes solutions for Film Separator Reinforcement, Pasting Materials and AGM Media.


Film Separator Reinforcement:  Market requirements for film separators are high dimensional stability, controlled fibrous structure for a low resistivity, fast acid absorption and wicking for rapid battery fill.  Plus low ionic contamination.

Benefits are: 

  • Improved stability of the film separator – attributable to excellent dimensional stability of the media
  • Hydrogen ion exchange facilitated – owing to extremely open material
  • Superior battery efficiency – on account of excellent fiber dispersion
  • Superior manufacturing efficiency – due to excellent mechanical properties


Pasting Materials:  The pasting material is laminated onto the electrodes and the functions of the pasting material are:

• To prevent lead dust in the workshop
• To prevent shedding of the electrode

Benefits are: 

  • Protection of electrode from dusting – owing to excellent adhesion of the media
  • Rapid cellulose dissolution – due to pure cellulose pasting media
  • Minimum ionic resistivity – attributable to open glass media
  • Superior manufacturing efficiency – on account of excellent wicking properties


AGM Media:  The Absorbed Glass Mat is a separator made of microglass.  The functions of the separator are to allow hydrogen ions to go from the anode to the cathode with the minimum resistance.   Also to “store” hydrogen ions when the battery is not in use to allow a rapid restart and to prevent anode and cathode to be in contact.

Benefits are: 

  • Excellent product uniformity – for homogeneous ions transfer
  • Excellent fiber selection and dispersion – state-of-the-art for even specific surface
    area (BET)
  • Enhanced Battery Cycle Life – delivered through good dry compression recovery,
    producing less vibrations as well as reducing electrode decay
  • Superior manufacturing efficiency – due to excellent wicking properties
  • Maximised performance – due to minimum ionic contamination


We offer custom made specialized fiber-based solutions and our materials have unique properties, delivering enhanced benefits for the performance of batteries.



For more information, please contact us: forticell@ahlstrom.com