Reliance® Solo

Reliance® Solo

Simplified wrapping process
Simultaneous aseptic unwrapping in the operating room
Lotcode printed on every application
Reliance® Solo
Bonded sterile barrier system solutions for easy to use, simultaneous wrapping. Like sequential wrapping, the two bonded SMS sheets create a tortuous path delivering aseptic presentation of medical instruments at the point of use.

Ahlstrom Reliance® Solo non-sequential wrapping system offers flexible and simplified wrap options for the Central Sterilization Service Department (CSSD) and operating room.

The two bonded SMS sheets help prevent microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores) from easily gaining access to the tray content and the two colors allow for easy identification of damage from transport and storage, playing a key role in infection prevention and patient safety.

Lotcode is printed on every application.


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