BioSpun™ spunbond PLA

BioSpun™ spunbond PLA

A sustainable alternative to oil-based polymers
Numerous functional properties
Manufactured with the strictest regulatory compliance
Tailor to your application
BioSpun™ spunbond PLA
Ahlstrom spunbond PLA technology is a sustainable alternative to oil-based polymers non-wovens.



Ahlstrom is a pioneer in the manufacturing of spunbond PLA with the installation of the PLA machine in 2008.


The BioSpun™ Spunbond Technology: 

  • PLA polymer granules or chips are melted and extruded through multiple fine holes
  • This produces continuous PLA filaments which are cooled and stretched by air jets
  • The continuous filaments are laid down onto a moving belt and thermally bonded to create BioSpun™-No water is required in this process



From Plants to BioSpun™



Benefits of BioSpun™ 



A sustainable alternative to oil-based polymers



  • Renewable raw material
  • Biodegradable and certified industrially compostable (EN13432) by DIN-Certco
  • No water usage in the spunbond manufacturing process
  • Lower sealing temparature vs. oil based plastics



Functional Properties



  • Transparency 
  • Neutral odor and taste 
  • Soft to the touch 
  • Sealability (heat & ultrasonic) on one or two sides



Manufactured with the strictest regulatory compliance



  • Produced in facilities that apply world-class quality systems and meet the highest regulatory requirements
  • Direct food contact certified (hot and cold) 



Tailor to your application


  • Different grammages, width, Outer Diameter to choose from
  • Sealable on one or two sides
  • Color options
  • Bonding patterns: point bond or basked weave




What is PLA: Poly Lactic Acid


Poly lactic acid (PLA) is a polymer which is derived from sugars extracted from annually grown plants such as corn (maize) and it thus renewable and sustainable. The raw material source for PLA can also be extracted from other biomaterials such as agricultural wastes and non-food plants.

  • PLA is a biopolymer, also called bio-plastic and has a melting temperature similar to polypropylene
  • PLA can be made into films, fibers and filaments, used alone or in combination with other materials like cellulose
  • Our spunbond PLA BioSpun™ is biodegradable & industrially compostable (EN13432)





BioSpun™ offers a multitude of product possibilities, from PLA Heat Seal or Ultrasonic tea bags “BioWeb®” to Coffee market with solutions for coffee capsule lidding and filters and other usages like horticulture, medical and shipment protection! Please contact us to discuss potential developments tailored to your specific application.


Discover our products made with BioSpun™, our spunbond PLA:



This technology participates in transitioning packaging ƒrom Plastic to Purpose.

Learn more about our philosophy and our webinars regarding the possibility of fiber-based solutions here