Water activated tape backings

Water activated tape backings

High tensile strength to weight ratios
Superior print quality and tamper proof compatible
Controlled consistent dimensional stability
Perfect fit for recyclable, bio sourced packaging tape
Water activated tape backings
WAT stands for Water-Activated Tapes, also called Gummed Tapes.
Ahlstrom MasterTape™ Water Activated Tapes reduce theft, improve productivity in packaging areas, brand image and overall worker safety due to reduction in fatigue and injury.

Base paper properties are fine-tuned to maximize finished tape characteristics and converting state performance (printing, laminating, gumming...).

We have lightweight Machine Glazed (MG) capabilities on multiple assets and the broadest product portfolio of Machine Glazed (MG) and Machine Finished (MF) products using truly natural fibers.
Product Basis Weight Stretch  Application
MasterTape™ MG WAT​ Laminating base​

32 to 48 gsm​

20-30 lbs/3000 ft2

2%​ Printable top layer or bottom coated layer for reinforced WAT​
MasterTape™ MF WAT​ Laminating base​

32 to 48 gsm​ ​

20-30 lbs/3000 ft2

2%​ Printable top layer or bottom​ coated layer for reinforced WAT​
MasterTape™ MG WAT​ Heavy weight​

65 to 100 gsm​ ​

40-61lbs/3000 ft2

2%​ Designed for single-ply printable water-activated tape​
MasterTape™ MF WAT ​Heavy weight​

90 to 170gsm​ ​

55-104 lbs/3000 ft2

2%​ Traditional single-ply water-activated tape​
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