Water activated tape backings

Water activated tape backings

High tensile strength to weight ratios
Superior print quality and tamper proof compatible
Controlled consistent dimensional stability
Perfect fit for recyclable, bio sourced packaging tape
Water activated tape backings
There is approximately 30 billion square meters of packaging tape worldwide, and with the expansion of ecommerce, the numbers are growing. The market is currently dominated by plastic tapes, making up 80% of all packaging tape. However, paper tapes are a much more sustainable alternative and pave the way for a plastic-free future for packaging. Ahlstrom's dedicated MasterTape® WAT line addresses the need for high-quality performances Water-Activated Tape backings while also offering our customers a ‘sustainable-by-design tape solution’ that protects and secures package with the utmost care.

Our MasterTape® WAT range stands out thanks to its excellent mechanical properties for securing your package. Once applied, this gummed tape firmly stays in place and provides a perfect seal to the carton box: this ensures the packaging remaining intact even under difficult storage conditions and ageing. Paper fibres fully adhere to the carton box guaranteeing a completely secure closure - any attempt at removing the band will lead to damages to the box, indicating a broken seal.

Ahlstrom’s genuine care for sustainability includes the use and of FSC® certified fibers, high biobased contents and life cycle assessments to minimize our environmental footprint. Embrace the future of packaging with Ahlstrom's MasterTape® WAT, contributing to a greener and more responsible packaging industry.

Product Design Color Basis Weight Stretch  Application
Master Tape® WAT Lightweight Flatback Natural or White

32 to 40 gsm​

20 to 25 lb./3000 ft2


MasterTape® WAT Lightweight is a gummed paper used as a laminating base for scrim-reinforced water-activated tape.

Beside being more eco-friendly than plastic tape, this tape backing offers good printability, a stronger seal and a higher tolerance to humid and freezing conditions.

Master Tape® WAT Heavyweight Flatback Natural or White

50 to 155 gsm​

​30 to 95 lb./3000 ft2


Master Tape® WAT Heavyweight is designed for single-ply printable water-activated tape​.

Using 100% fresh fibers, it represents an efficient, more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic tapes.