Pan liners for professional & institutional use

Pan liners for professional & institutional use

Heavy-duty baking papers adapted for intense usage
Premium release coating for outstanding non-stick properties
Can be reused multiple times when hygiene conditions allow
Specific solutions for institutional users
Pan liners for professional & institutional use
For professional kitchens, our range of high-density, greaseproof papers allows you to cook and bake with a complete grease barrier and high temperature resistance. Our premium baking papers are certified home compostable and made with our unique Parchment technology. For institutional & commercial users, our versatile, grease proof paper provides convenience and health & safety compliance.

In a professional kitchen

  • Our professional baking products have a sturdy, heavy-duty feel that can withstand intense usage.
  • Our products are durable and can be reused multiple times without losing their integrity (when hygiene conditions allow).
  • They can go from the freezer to the oven without breaking or bursting, or be used wet to preserve GN pans.
  • The premium release coating provides great non-stick properties that yield maximum results with your ingredients.
  • Our range of liners is available in bleached and trulyNatural® unbleached fibers.


Depending on your needs, our three ranges of products will help the professional cook deliver perfect results every time in a cost-effective way.

  • Grillon®: Our premium compostable parchment liner can withstand the most intense usage and deliver the most delicate foods with its premium release coating.
  • Unibake®: This parchment product is geared toward everyday professional usage.
  • Culinera®: Our release-coated, high-density, greaseproof solution for food release, water holdout and grease resistance for all baking applications is optimal for frozen goods during freezing/thawing/baking processes, as well as for confectionary release.


Find out more about our Genuine Vegetable Parchment and other supporting technologies here.


Examples of usage in the professional kitchen:

  • Lining GastroNorm pans and baking sheets to minimize cleaning time and avoid Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)
  • Interleaving meats for easy storage in the freezer
  • Steaming meats, vegetables ands dumplings
  • Using as a piping tool
  • Lining tools like panini presses to avoid cross-contamination
  • Pan-frying delicate foods


Institutional & commercial usage

For commercial and institutional usage, we provide convenience and health & safety compliance.

Our versatile, single-use, grease-proof paper protects pans and baking sheets, making it easier to reduce RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) and maintain spotless hygiene in commercial and institutional cooking. Papers are available in bleached and trulyNatural® fibers.



This product and more participate in transitioning packaging ƒrom Plastic to Purpose.

Learn more about our philosophy and our webinars regarding the possibility of fiber-based solutions here