Yogurt bundlewrap packaging papers

Yogurt bundlewrap packaging papers

Sustainable materials for bundlewrap
Excellent printability
Excellent stiffness
Trouble-free on FFS lines
Yogurt bundlewrap packaging papers
For impeccable yogurt bundlewrap, Ahlstrom papers offer excellent gloss, good printability and high mechanical properties.

Our high-performance, eye-catching yogurt bundlewrap makes yogurt pots stand out at the point of sale.

Ahlstrom Gerstar™ 404 paper range for yogurt bundlewrap can make your products capture consumer attention.

Did you know that stiffness is the defining feature of yogurt pot bundlewrap? Our Gerstar™ 404 I and 404 IR for bundlewrap are what give your yogurt pots the rigidity to stand up and hold the weight of other multipack yogurt pots. In addition to stiffness, Ahlstrom-Munksjö has developed excellent printability features for Gerstar™ 404 I and 404 IR.

The Gerstar™ 404 range meets the strictest requirements of Form, Fill and Seal (FFS) machines.


Key benefits

  • Excellent heat-seal resistance in coating for impeccable yogurt pot lids from the moment of heat sealing until opening
  • Superior hot-melt coating for the efficient converting of yogurt pot bundlewrap
  • Excellent printability for eye-catching bundlewrap and lids
  • High mechanical properties for trouble-free converting processes during printing and lamination, as well as on Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) lines
  • Bundlewrap stiffness for added rigidity of yogurt pots
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