Industrial Release materials

Industrial Release materials

Made for industrial usage: high mechanical properties
Highly effective and clean barrier: no fiber or dust
Customizable to your application
Eco-friendly fiber-based solution
Industrial Release materials
TechRelease™ is a versatile tool for industrial release applications: it is an outstanding process paper to interleave or convey sticky substances.



TechRelease™ can be used in numerous processes and applications, from aircraft cabin panels to rubber belt production including medical consumables:

  • In pre-pregs production, resin fibers are conveyed onto TechReleasebefore being pressed
  • Extruded filaments; foams, PVC, hot melts can be run onto TechReleaseprior to being conveyed through ovens or other manufacturing processes
  • It is also excellent for interleaving between sensitive products like medical filtration membranes, electronic devices, …

This highly advanced composite can be tailored to your application:

  • Custom release coating possible on each side
  • Multiple color options
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities
  • Multiple finishing options: sheets, rolls, custom width


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Main benefits

  • An effective & clean barrier
    • Barrier to oil, grease, adhesives, resins, and other monomers, oligomers, and liquid polymers
    • No loose fibers or dust
  • A material that stands the test of industrial usage
    • High internal bond
    • High tensile and burst strength (dry and wet)
    • Temperature resistance
    • High pressure resistance
    • Anti-static
  • A Natural solution: 100% virgin natural fibers from renewable resources, sourced from responsibly managed forests (FSC, PEFC)


Application Examples

  • Technical laminate for aircraft, ski and isolations or other composites technologies
  • Rubber vulcanization, textile transfer, mixing pads for automotive
  • Decoration (lampshades, furniture laminates)
  • Filtration (kerosene, caustic soda,…)
  • Protection of the belt (“tray”) of the press
  • Stencils, Backing on hot melts, Surface protection
  • Gaskets (eg: in cooling systems), Base paper for further treatments
  • Diagnostics membranes