Tea bag envelope papers

Tea bag envelope papers

Tea bag envelope papers
Tea might be considered an everyday product, but it presents tough challenges when it comes to packaging. Gerbier™ HDS T coated paper for tea bag envelopes offers exceptional features for superior packaging that preserve all the subtle aromas of teas.
  • High gloss and very good printability to ensure great shelf appeal
  • Prevention of blistering during further converting
  • Heat-resistant coating to prevent damage of the print during the heat-sealing process
  • Outstanding mechanical properties for efficient, trouble-free converting processes

What a pleasure it is when a subtle tea aroma unfolds as it comes in contact with hot water. But until that very moment, all the flavors need to be preserved.

Our Gerbier™ HDS T is the guarantee that each and every aroma of the tea leaves will stay intact until the sachet containing the tea bag is opened.

It has a heat-resistant coating and offers high quality mechanical properties, as well as very good printability and good gloss for an attractive tea sachet.


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