Envelope window paper

Envelope window paper

Highly transparent paper for envelop windows
Enables production of an all-paper envelope
Recyclable and biodegradable
A sustainable plastic-free alternative
Envelope window paper
Highly transparent paper for envelop windows enables the production of an all-paper envelope, sustainable, recyclable and made of renewable materials.

Many companies use window envelopes for high volume mailing. To help them build a sustainable corporate image, Ahlstrom offers a transparent paper that . Exclusively made from wood-based natural fibers, Cristal Evolution™ is recyclable and biodegradable. Envelopes made with paper windows are sustainable alternatives to non-renewable windows material such as plastic film.

With Cristal Evolution™ running speeds of 1,400 envelopes per minute can be achieved on modern, fast-running envelope machines. It's also cost-effective thanks to its easier adhesion (paper-to-paper) and potential savings in glue costs. Cristal Evolution™ is recommended for high volume applications and used by many leading insurance, telecommunications and banking companies.

Available in 32, 35 and 40 gsm, envelopes with Cristal Evolution™ windows run smoothly, avoiding static electricity and are recommended by leading machine manufacturers. It is more matt than other window materials thus reduces the glare effect (reflection of indent ray), which can distort the accuracy of optical readers.


 Key benefits

  • High level of transparency
  • Natural, fully renewable resource, totally recyclable and biodegradable
  • With all-paper envelopes there's no need to sort before recycling
  • Compatible with advanced inserting machines
  • Approved by global postal services (e.g. La Poste, USPS etc.)

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