Heatsealable & Non-heat-sealable teabags

Heatsealable & Non-heat-sealable teabags

Heatsealable & Non-heat-sealable teabags
We are a leading filter material offer for Heat seal or Ultrasonic tea bag material, as well as Non Heat Seal tea bag material for hot and cold applications.

Heat sealable teabags

  • Outstanding taste through ideal infusion
  • Optimal conversion
  • Sustainability credentials

Our Heat Seal range is compatible with the most modern and traditional packaging machines to offer outstanding sealing performance and infusion for a spotless result in the cup and a variety of options to customize your offering to your process and market: compostability, bleached or unbleached and more.

InFuse™ filter materials

Our InFuse™  family of products provides strong seals, fast conversion, and integrity during infusion. InFuse™ filter materials are made with our wetlaid technology and available as Bleached or Unbleached and with Non-GMO certification.

  • InFuse™ Classic: Wetlaid Technology, Bleached or Unbleached, Non-GMO available
  • InFuse™ Green: Wetlaid Technology, Industrial compostable, Bleached or Unbleached, Non-GMO available
  • InFuse™ trulyNatural®: trulyNatural® 100% unbleached fibers, Wetlaid Technology, Industrially compostable, Non-GMO

BioWeb® filter materials

Our BioWeb® family of products are ideal for delicate tea and herb tea blends thanks to their exeptional infusion.BioWeb® filter materials are made with our BioSpun™ Spunbond PLA technology and are industrially compostable. Find out more about BioSpun™ here.

  • BioWeb® Tea: BioSpun™ Technology, Industrial compostable
  • BioWeb® Ultrasonic: BioSpun™ Technology, Industrial compostable


Non-heat-sealable teabags

For conversion on non-heatseal teabag packing machines, our RegTea portfolio delivers excellent infusion, outstanding tea blend retention, high yield conversion with a minimal rejection rate, superior crimp strength and head fold stability.

Optimized for conversion on non-heat-seal teabag packing machines, these reliable products guarantee efficiency on your production lines and interesting options for end-of-life scenarios.

  • RegTea Classic: Wetlaid Technology, Bleached or Unbleached, Non-GMO available, Robust option available
  • RegTea Green: Wetlaid Technology, certified Industrial & Home compostable, Bleached or Unbleached, Non-GMO available, Robust option available
  • RegTea trulyNatural™: trulyNatural® 100% unbleached fibers, Wetlaid Technology, certified Industrial & Home compostable, Non-GMO