How to protect remaining rolls?

How to protect remaining rolls?

Sometimes, it happened that a rolls are not fully used. It is very important to protect well the remaining quantity to be sure that you can use again the remaining quantity and avoid big lost.

1st step: to prepare tape in order to stick a plastic foil on the top of the remaining paper.



The most important is to protect paper against environmental or climatic variations so the plastic foil must be well and carefully install around the circumference of the roll first. A good foiled is a very closed one with no porosity (water penetration).



Next steps is to add paper or cardboard on the top of plastic in order to protect for future handling.


Last step is very important: to protect the edges, use cardboard (you can re-use the one from our packaging by adjusting the diameter). For closing the plastic, we use the core after putting all the plastic inside  as in the video and use a plug to close the plastic and protect the core against crushing.