Extensible packaging tape backings

Extensible packaging tape backings

Suitable for pressure sensitive packaging tape applications
High tensile strength to weight ratios
Elongation up to 10% when extra toughness is required
Excellent smoothness
Extensible packaging tape backings
A specialty extensible packaging tape backing for applications where extra toughness is required.
Ahlstrom MasterTape™ XKL Kraft papers provide maximum strength and stretch properties for the most demanding converting and end-use applications.

It offers higher tensile strength than a creped grade and much higher elongation than a flat product.

Used in a variety of markets and applications, this product is a tough and lightweight sheet capable of withstanding great impact. It can be provided ready to apply coatings or as a base product ready for specialty saturation.



Basis Weight



MasterTape™ XKL



65 to 114 gsm​

40 to 70lb. /3000 ft2


Extensible flatback for demanding packaging 

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